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Stud Information & Availability.

****PLEASE NOTE: If you have a female that is in heat that is planned to be mated to a male via a stud service, DO NOT allow another intact male near her while she is in heat, common sense.  This includes both before or after the planned stud service. As a Registered Breeder it is your responsibility to make sure you know who the father of your puppies are as they are pedigree papered puppies. STUD services are NON-REFUNDABLE. *****   
Sorry I've had to put this up because of 1 dishonest person.

When enquiring in regards to stud services, please provide information showing that you are a Registered Breeder with a Registered Prefix. (Prefix name and name of who you are registered with e.g. MDBA.)

Please provide a copy of your females;
 - Pedigree
- DNA results
- Any additional information in regards to your female who you will be using the stud service for.

Stud services done with fresh semen via AI done at a vet surgery (with the stud present) must be done at a vet with in 10km of me. (Noting that I may have newborns myself that require me to be close to home, unable to travel fair at the time that you require the mating's. Less travel time allows more time for the stud service in between newborn feeds.) 

Stud Services do come with a contract that must be read and signed prior to any mating's taking place.

Prices for stud services are firm and are payable prior to the stud service.

Chilled or Frozen semen can be arranged at buyers expense via a canine semen transportation company.

Stud availability:

If a stud on this page is marked as 'closed to public stud' this means that they are currently not available to be booked to use, but may open to public stud soon. 

If you do like the look of a closed to public stud you can contact me and ask if I have any idea of when he may become available to public stud, if it is soon planned to let him become available to public stud I can let you know but otherwise please keep checking back every so often. A male may be closed to public stud for Frenchibulls own personal use in our own program, he may already be booked out for use to approved females in the coming weeks or may just be taking a break.

Also note that although Frenchibulls does have other studs other than the ones mentioned on this page  (You may of seen them on Frenchibulls Facebook group etc) but if he is not on this page means that he is not open to public stud yet.


The best way to contact me is via my phone number 0404 385 998 (Doreen), If I can't answer your call please send me a text and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

(Please note if your girl is almost ready to be mated that contact via my phone is best as I don't check my email every day so I may not get back to you as fast if you contact me via email.)