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                Questions and Answers

Below are some regular questions we get asked. Please scroll down to find the question that relates to you, if the question is not on this page please send us an email letting us know that the question isnt on our Q&A page and the question you want to ask, Thanks.


Frenchibulls a
im is to breed French Bulldogs that are:

* Beautiful high quality Purebred Pedigree Papered puppies available to pet homes and to small in home breeders.
* DNA Tested, Non-affected by Genetic diseases of the French Bulldog Breed.
* We breed Quality rather than Quantity, we only ever have 1 or 2 litters at a time.

* Puppies that receive only the best start to life with around the clock monitoring and care.
* A loving family member that is well socialised and will give you lots of affection.

Phone: 0404 385 998  (Doreen)


Question: Can I visit the puppies to decide if I want to buy a French Bulldog puppy?


Frenchibulls has Facebook :) Please come and check out what we are doing. New photo's and videos added regularly.
"Frenchibulls Facebook, Click Here"

Puppies that are still available can be met in person from after 8 weeks old. By 8 weeks old (Which is when they are usually ready to leave our care) They will have had their first puppy vaccination to give them some protection. Please scroll down to understand more.

Please note puppies are ready to leave at 8 weeks old. So we ask that you please only ask to meet a ready to leave puppy if you are ready to purchase a puppy. If you are not ready to get a puppy please contact us and let us know when you will be looking at wanting to get a puppy and we should be able to give you some idea if we may have any litters expected around that time. As we have limited time between other jobs/obligations to make appointments for viewing for potential homes for "ready to leave" puppies we ask that you please only book meet and greets if you are ready for a puppy at that time. 

Please read below to understand why viewing is only available after 8 weeks old, Thanks

Puppies do not receive their first vaccination until they are a minimum of 6 weeks old, prior to receiving their first vaccination we strictly do not allow anyone to come into contact with the puppies or the puppies environment to make sure our puppies are protected from deadly diseases which they have absolutely no immunity to prior to receiving their vaccinations (deadly infectious diseases can be transmitted via human contact). 

Each vaccination a puppy receives takes 2 weeks to take its full affect, meaning a puppy does not have the best protection vaccinations can protect against deadly diseases until 2 weeks after its 3rd and final puppy vaccination that it receives at around 14 weeks of age. (This means even once you take your puppy home we strongly recommend not taking your puppy out and about until 2 weeks after its final puppy vaccination, this includes not having play dates with other peoples puppies/dogs if you cannot guarantee yourself that their puppy/dog is up to date with its vaccinations and has not been in contact with other dogs/puppies.)

So prior to 8 weeks old we strictly do not allow anyone to come into contact with our puppies on the chance that they might want to buy a puppy as our puppies health is our number one priority, this includes the health of puppies that have already been reserved by other people but are still in our care until their pick up dates. (As our puppies are around each other up until the day they leave for their forever homes, so risking ones health means risking the entire litters health which we will strictly will not do no matter the circumstance, sorry).

For this reason we have a Facebook page the link is at the top of this page. We regularly add photos and videos of ALL of our French Bulldogs. So you will get to see our Studs, our Females, our puppies (past and present) from birth up until when they leave us, a inside look into our daily lives at Frenchibulls French Bulldogs.  

*** Puppies that are not yet ready to leave require a booking fee to be paid to reserve them, as no puppy will be put on hold or considered reserved/ sold without a booking fee having being paid to know the puppy is definitely spoken for. Their price remainder is not due until pick up if being picked up in person. Puppies going via flights/ road transport must be paid in full prior to their transport being booked. For more information on this please visit our Puppy Info & Pricing page.

Puppies that are still available after 8 weeks of age are available for viewing by appointment on days/ times that I do not already have other obligations. They are also available to be able to be picked up/ taken home with you at the time of viewing, with the puppies full price to be paid for at pick up.

Question: Is Puppies PRICE Negotiable?

No. The prices of our puppies are set prices, they are Non-Negotiable. You will be asked to confirm puppies pricing prior to making any payments to reserve a puppy to ensure that you are committed to the sale as our booking fee is non-refundable.

We may give someone buying two puppies at the same time or a return customer that already owns one of our French Bulldogs a 2nd puppy bonus, this may be a discount or some sort of item/s that you will require for your puppy/puppies.

Considering becoming a French Bulldog breeder? Just some of the costs involved.

Most people do not realise the costs involved in breeding when done Responsibly and Ethically will mean that you have a lot of costs to cover to be able to continue doing what we love.

I will explain just some of our costs below, though there is a much larger list of costs than what I can explain here. Costs of supplies and services we require as breeders also change depending on what is available at the time and the current pricing of things.

Frenchibulls puppies leave here:
- DNA Tested Full Breed Profile (which tests for 5x Genetic Diseases of this Breed and colour/colour carrying) 
- Pedigree Papered (+ Transfer fees)
- Microchipped 
- Up to date Vaccinated
- Parasite protection.
- Worm protection done every 2 weeks from 2 weeks of age.
- High Quality Food from 3 weeks old.
- Older puppies and adults also leave here already de-sexed as well.

All of our Puppies and Adult dogs are cared for with the highest quality of care. They eat Top Quality food and receive up to date flea, worm and tick protection regularly. We replace Toys, bedding, other accessories as often as needed as these all become worn out fairly fast. 

We also have to buy new blankets, towels, cleaning products, heat mats, whelping boxes, hand rearing equipment (Teats, syringes, glass syringes, bottles, sterilizers to clean feeding equipment, colostrum replacement, formula), humidity cribs, oxygen ventilators and other equipment required in the rearing of French Bulldog Puppies as needed.  Postage cost and petrol costs for running around for collection of items required for our dogs and puppies and vet visits. Electricity for washing, cleaning and climate temperature control air-conditioning/heating of humidity crib and heated whelping box.

To produce a litter 
You require to track the mothers heat cycle with multiple blood tests to know the exact days that she is ready for ovulation. (This also helps to pin point a due date to make sure the C-section date is correct and puppies are not being delivered to early or that the mother is going into premature labour.) Each blood test costs a fee, it could take 4 blood test or it can take many more depending on the individual female and the individual heat cycle. (Please note the price of any tests/procedures price will depend where they have been done, prices can change dramatically depending where and what is available to the breeder.)

A lot of French Bulldogs require Artificial insemination/ assisted insemination. (There is very few that can do natural mating or that their owners will allow natural mating at the risk of their studs health). Once the results come back that the female is just about to ovulate then you require to pay a fee for semen retrieval from the Father and you have to pay a fee for insemination into the mother. If you are doing an assisted insemination you will be required to do this process and pay the same fees for 3 days in a row. If you require another form of insemination into the mother the fee amount changes depending on the technique used. 

If you do not own the Father/Stud in which who's semen you will be using then you will be required to also pay a fee to purchase his semen from his owner, this fee will be different for every stud available depending on his DNA, Bloodlines, etc it could be anywhere between $2000 to over $10,000/$15,000 stud fee depending on the male you choose to use. If all goes well than your female may fall pregnant, but there is no guarantee and you may have to start the whole process over again in her next heat cycle, with still having to have paid all of the above costs and no puppies at the end of it to recuperate any of the costs. 

If your female is lucky enough to fall pregnant this can be confirmed at 4 weeks of pregnancy via ultrasound. At this stage your female may require more blood tests to make sure she is able to support the pregnancy through to the end.

Once your female reaches the last week of her pregnancy she will require more blood tests again and often to check her levels to see when the babies will be ready to be delivered. Each blood test costing a fee, this could be 7+ blood tests. Also she may require a few ultrasounds in this time as well, each time costing a fee.

Once all confirmed that the puppies are ready to be born then the mother will require a C-section caesarean to deliver her puppies. Depending whether it be with in vet hours or out of hours will affect the cost. A C-section for a dog usually starts at around $1500+ (with in hours, during vets open times) and depending on what vet surgery is available to you and that there is no complications.
From before the time of conception to the time of delivery, you already have a massive amount of money to recuperate even prior to the costs of raising the puppies including DNA testing them which is approx. $200 per puppy for a full breed profile DNA test. Let alone the on going costs of the Adult dogs to be able to even have these puppies, without them there would be no puppies.

Hand raising, some times you will have mum's that for some reason are unable to take care of their babies so that's when we need to step in and to hand raise these babies. Hand raising puppies cost all the equipment to do so, colostrum replacement and milk replacement (Which are not cheap when you are buying the highest quality ones that you know will actually work to make sure these babies grow and live). Hand raising is 2 hourly day and night, taking up to 20 minutes per puppy to feed and toilet. (That means we survive on almost no sleep if we are hand raising more then 1 puppy, by the time we finish hand feeding 3 puppies, we then only have about an hour to squeeze in sleep or to do our other daily obligations and work before we must feed the puppies again).

The amount of hours during the day and night that we work, doing daily care for our dogs and puppies, responding to puppy enquiries, having trips to the vets for microchipping, vaccinations, inseminations, blood tests, ultrasounds, surgeries etc, we do not get paid for these long hours on a daily basis, 7 days a week all year around.

All of our adult French Bulldogs and puppies receive the highest quality of care available. Our French Bulldogs never go without and we do not cut any corners when it comes to the care of them.

You know you will be receiving a high quality puppy from Frenchibulls French Bulldogs in every aspect.

How to check that a Registered Breeder is really Registered and they are who they say they are?

The best way to confirm is to ask who the breeder is registered with (MDBA Master Dog Breeders & Associates  or  ANKC). You yourself than google these places and find their contact number yourself to make sure it's the right contact number.

Ask the Registry to confirm the prefix, name of the breed and their contact details (phone number / email address) you have been told match the ones that the registry have to make sure that 1. they are a registered breeder with that registry and 2. they are the real registered breeder and not someone using someone else's name. By checking the contact details are the same you know that it is the correct person you are in contact with.