Frenchibulls French Bulldogs - Australia - Brisbane - Queensland.

French Bulldogs Queensland - Truly Beautiful Purebred French Bulldogs. Brisbane - Queensland - Australia.

          ~ Frenchibulls Puppy Info & Pricing~



Frenchibulls aim is to breed French Bulldogs that are:

* Beautiful high quality Purebred Pedigree Papered puppies available to pet homes and to small in home breeders.
* DNA Tested, Non-affected by Genetic diseases of the French Bulldog Breed.
* We breed Quality rather than Quantity, we only ever have 1 or 2 litters at a time.

* Puppies that receive only the best start to life with around the clock monitoring and care.
* A loving family member that is well socialised and will give you lots of affection.


Frenchibulls French Bulldog Puppies come:

- Pedigree Papered by Registered Breeder. 

- DNA tested, "Full Breed Profile" which tests for colour and Genetic Diseases. (They are not Affected by genetic diseases of this breed.) Puppies will either come with their own results or copies of the parents if their own results are predictable from their parents.

- Micro-chipped.

- Up to date Vaccinated.

- Vet Health checked.

- Worm, Flea and Tick protection up to date.

- Beautiful personalities, very well socialised babies raised with in our home as part of the family around other puppies, dogs and children.

- Folder with their important papers and other helpful information.

- Puppy Pack full of heaps of goodies. (example: a bed / blanket, bottle of  shampoo/other grooming products, food samples and toys etc.) Note: Puppy packs are complimentary for those going as pets, puppy packs cannot be sent with those going via transport companies or plane.


A lot of things are taken into account when puppies pricing is determined, because of this prices do vary. So please check out the Available Puppies and Available Adults pages to view individual pricing of current available puppies and adults, Thank you.

What determines pricing: 
- Gender
- Visual Colour
- Colour carrying (If going as a Breeder)
- Bloodlines/Pedigree lines.
- Structure
- Being bought as a Pet (with no breeding rights, pedigree will be marked with "Not for Breeding" and will come with a de-sexing contract) or as a Breeder (on Mains Registry = with breeding rights).

*Puppies "Pet Pricing" (puppies sold as pets without breeding rights) will be determined when puppies are at an age that we are ready to start advertising them.

*Breeder pricing (puppies sold as breeders with breeding rights) will be confirmed once the individual puppies DNA test results have been received back from the DNA Laboratory. Prior to receiving back DNA results we can only give an estimate pricing.


All puppies and adults must be paid in full prior to leaving our care. 

Those leaving via plane or a transport company must also have their travel cost paid for
prior to their travel being booked.

Please note bank transfer usually takes around 3 working days to clear into my account.

If you wish to own a Frenchibulls French Bulldog you will need to pay a Booking fee to secure a Puppy / Adult, if they have not already been reserved by someone else. 

- Pet Puppy Booking Fee: AUD $600 each, Non-Refundable.
- Breeding Puppy Booking Fee: 20% of the total purchase price, POA. Non-Refundable.

*No puppy / adult is considered "Reserved" until the required Booking Fee has been paid, so therefore they are still Available to be Reserved by someone else.*

Reserving a puppy that is already born but under 8 weeks of age:
A Booking Fee can be paid to reserve a puppy that is available that is not yet ready to leave (a puppy that is younger than 8 weeks old) with the remainder of the puppies purchase price to be cleared into my bank account prior to pick up if paid as a bank transfer or paid for at pick up if being picked up in person. If going via plane or road transport they must be paid for in full including their travel cost prior to their travel being booked. The Booking Fee is deducted from the puppies purchase price. 

(Please note: We do not do waiting lists as it is very time consuming to re contact hundreds of people back once we do have puppies. So please keep checking back to our website or our Facebook Page " Frenchibulls French Bulldogs" to see if we have any pups coming up, Thank you.)

Available puppies after 8 weeks of age:
If a puppy is still available after it turns 8 weeks of age that has not been reserved (This can happen for reasons such as if we have held puppies back to select a keeper from the litter), you can make an appointment to view the puppy and pick up the puppy on the same day if you wish. The puppy must be paid in full prior to leaving my care. 

If you wish to view an available puppy over 8 weeks of age but are unable to view it for a few days we can not guarantee that the puppy will still be available by the time you are available to view it. In this case if you are absolutely certain you would like the puppy you are welcome to pay the puppies booking fee just the same as the normal situation for puppies under 8 weeks old and than pay the remainder at pick up or bank transfer 3 days minimum prior to pick up to make sure it has cleared into my account prior to pick up.

Puppies Reserved with breeding rights:
Breeding rights puppy booking fee may be refundable but 'only' if we are waiting on DNA results and the puppies DNA comes back saying that it does not carry the colour/colours that you have wished to purchase at the time of reserving the puppy. This is only in the case for puppies with whom we are still waiting to receive back DNA from the lab but a breeder wishes to reserve it prior to us having received the DNA back. If change of mind or any other reason is made to not go ahead with purchasing the puppy and DNA has already been sighted to have made the decision to reserve the puppy then the booking fee remains non-refundable.


Any additional expenses are at buyers expense. ANYTHING other than what is listed above as "Frenchibulls French Bulldogs puppies come" is at buyers cost.

This includes such things as for example: Flights (we only do flights with in Australia), any additional costs associated with sending a puppy/ adult French bulldog via plane or road, Traveling cost for delivery, Any other vaccinations of your request, Airline approved carrier crates (purchase or hire), replacement of any important papers that require a cost to replace them etc.

Please remember to bring a Safe, Secure and Clean Carry Crate with you when you are picking up your French Bulldog. 

If going via plane, Frenchibulls when arranging the flight can either arrange a hire crate or a purchase crate (Purchase crates cost a little bit more than hire but are yours to keep). If needing a flight please allow us to know if you prefer a hire crate or a purchase crate. 

At Frenchibulls we only allow our French Bulldogs that are being purchased with breeding rights to go to those who we believe are Responsible and Ethical Registered Breeders. If enquiring about a French Bulldog for breeding please fill in our enquiry form and include the following information: Which Dog Association you are Registered with and your Prefix. Also please give us as much information as possible about your breeding program, goals and ethics. 

Please note: Small in home registered breeders need only apply as we will only allow puppies sold with breeding rights to go to homes that they will be loved pets first and foremost and breeding rights second. Just because you are a registered breeder and would be paying more than pet price does not mean that we will sell to you over someone who will give one of our babies a loving pet home.